This post was culled from our Facebook Q&A Group Discussion with the Creative Director of Jonathan Cole, Osaretin Avbuluimen


Me: Let’s meet you Osaretin Avbuluimen who are you and what do you do??
Osarz: I’m a graphic designer and a creative doer. I work with Jonathan Cole, we build some of the world’s most clever brands – spirited brands that move quickly and easily, thriving on innovations

Me: Why do we need a visual strategy for social media?
Osarz: Plenty reasons. Let’s break all these words down so it’s easier to understand. Visual is simply what you can see.
Strategy: a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim. In order to stand forward not stand out your strategy needs to be like Dangote Cement. The simple why is this: to help you stand forward, slay your competitors and then sell your value.

Me: How can small businesses reflect visual branding on social media?
Osarz: They can do that in simple ways. 1. Authenticity – Just be yourself but do it with a pinch of sugar.
Now you don’t need to know how to do it just leverage on already established brands and see how they do it, adapt it to fit your own voice. 2. Visuals – This could be pictures of your products, pictures of your clients using your product or service. Designs that inspire people, designs that shows what and how your products can be used. 3. Content to fit – A lot of times our content are usually not right for the platform it’s being used on. Also don’t try to say too much, be as authentic as you can be. 4. Gossip – Let me explain what that means. Tell a real story like you’re talking to your “padi padi”

Me: When choosing brand colors what should you consider?
Osarz: Consider what each colors say both the good and the bad part of what the color connotes. Try as much as possible not to use another brand’s color. Most importantly make sure those colors are available in print as well. So that there can be consistency between what we see on social media and in real life as well, that sounds like a familiar problem…color availability in print

Me: How does visual branding help you stand out from your competition online? any gains from visual branding?
Osarz: One way is your clients would be Able to identity you quickly but that can only happen with consistency.

Me: How do you ensure consistency of look and feel on social media?
Osarz: One of the best ways to ensure consistency is to have a brand guide. Within this document is how your brand should be represented, colors and their different codes, words that beat describe your brand tone of voice and then fonts in summary. There’s more anyway but I think this should do.

Me: Thankyou for sharing your knowledge with us Osarz
Osarz: Thankyou!